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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Where is my motivation....

Recently, I feel I am not motivated to do anything at all. Let's say, today's presentation. Today's presentation was not so good success for me. It was obvious that my speaking skill declined, and became a bad English speaker. That is why I sometimes had to stop tlking and think about what I am going to talk.... This is because I'm not somehow motivated by something really exciting.
However, I can say "No, everything is your fault, you have responsibility on your life. Whether or not your life is full of fun depends on you!" Yes, that's true. I can agree with the idea.
The problem is, I think, I cannot enjoy my classes in the university because I experienced how exciting the Bekka or Ryujun classes are. I think CIE should think about those who are going to study abroad from 2nd semester becasue classes in CIE finish in the end of May. How should we keep these skills that we acquried in thoses classes after they finsihed.
English conversation is not enogh for me....of course I think I can keep the skill but it is not practical in the class, so I need skills for getting along with classes in foreign counties. What can I do? Let's share this problem with those who are going to study abroad and who are in trouble with it.
I think CIE should think about the problem!!


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