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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Why is it so hot and humid in Japan?

Seriously, it is so hot and humid like in the middle of summer, isn't it??? I don't feel like doing anything recently because of this hot weather...I'm begging raining to God (I don't believe it though ) as soon as possible. As we know, there are some areas in Japan where agricultures such as rice are suffering from lack of water.

That is why I think the global warming is badly going forward. I don't think it was not so hot in the summer when I was a child. yes, I am sure...temperature in recent years certainly increasing (click and see the graphs

So what can we do for the global warming and other envioronmental issues? When we see the Japanese Government, Prime Minster lead a policy, no jacket & no tie policy, which, I hope, also encourage Japanese to do that. I think it is not so bad policy, however, I DON'T think that it directly solve the issue. Japanese government has to do something firm, reasonable, and effective such as taxation (I don't think Japan is doing well on how to get it and how to spend it).

Anyaway, I think each of us must do something to prevent the global warming from badly going forward. Furthermore, I really hope that every company do their business, taking many environmental issues into account; otherwise, the earth would be........the result depends on us.

Now I am thinking starting an environmental business with my friend, who is also really interested in these issues. I hope we can succeed doing well on it and help the stop for the global warming.

This planet is not possessed by only selfish human beings but also other creatures. Let's look back our life. We can find lots of waste of "something."


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