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Friday, June 10, 2005

With New Watch, New Shirt, and New Tie

I went to buy a new watch for attending a ceremony for those who are going to study abroad.
Before I start talking about it, I have to tell that I have "problem" when I buy something such as shoes, clothes, or whatever that shows people's poarticular preference and sense. The reason is, I can rarely find my favorite things, so I always have to walk around from shops to another. It makes me bored, but when I find it, I would be so happy and cherish it for a long time.
Anyway, I bought a watch. This is not quite expensive, but I really focus on the design and if it is really fit to me. It was interesing that I have never seen the watch before even if I research many wathches on Internet; it was just "hitomebore" for me. I always feel that buying something is really difficult and troublesome.
I also bought a new suit and tie. I am lokking forward to putting on them and attend the ceremony.
See you guys on Saturday.


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