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Friday, July 22, 2005

21 yeas old now!

Today is my birthday....21 years old

I've gotten many messages from my friends. Thank you very very much!!
I want to express my appreciation to all of my friends, and also my family on this weblog..

Yes, my life has been full of exciting events in university since second grade. This is because I could meet really good teachers who have strong sprit and enthsiasiasm for teaching. Also, I could start something really new for me, business. Third, I have a almost free ticket to study abroad for 9 months in France. It is nice to have somethingintyeresting that I can really concentrate on.

However, as I study history, workd affairs, and domestic issues in Japan, I sometimes really disappointed at what happeded to people living in all over the world, such as poverty, ethnic conflicts, and more and more.... Ironically, a terror occurred in London again yesterday. Why such a terrible thing happened to the innocent people?

This is the reason why I bought a "WhiteBand" in a shop on my way to home on my birthday. Do you know what it is? you can see the details on its website


If you want one, you can purchase it in "Francfranc" or big book store.

This might be so tiny action, but I hope it will be really really big flow that encourage everyone to resolve the probelm.

I wonder what becomes of the world when I grew up.


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