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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My PC has gone to hospital

Yesterday evening, while i was searching some information on the Internet, My pc suddenly stopped working well. I tried to fix the problem many times, I couldn't do it. That is why I went to a store where I bought my computer, and asked to repair it. A shop woman told me that it takes 3 weeks to report the problem. I was realy shocked and disappointed, however, I have no way to use the computer again. my pc is not so pld, but sometimes i encounter the sort of the situation.

Walkimng around the store, I found Apple Computer(iMac G5). I was way too cheap.....less than 100,000 yen!! I was likely to buy it as soon as i saw the price......

Anyway, I will study abroad, so I hope my PC will be completely fixed and have no problem on working..

Although my family has one more PC, so I can do maximum things, I cannnot do what I have been doing with my PC (making HP.....whatever)

I found that I was a slave of computer.

P.S I'm gonna be 21 years old on 22nd


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