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Sunday, July 10, 2005

what are Japanese thinking of....

As we know, there were two election in Hyogo and Tokyo. When I watched the news, I was really surprised and totally disappointed at Japanese.

First of all, do you know the election turnout? only 33% of the governatorial election in Hyogo!! Wait, where had the rest of them been...???? The reason is because of the rain? because of bargain?(many bargain has started since the beginning of the July, or earlier) Don't make me laugh... We are nation who have a right to vote and who can express our opinion to Gov. This right is really useful and practical, however, many of us don't use it, and even they are not interested in any political movements or serious social issues in Japan. As a result, unfortunately, many executives in Diet abuse their privilleges and only purse their personal monetary benefit, rather than don't take people's issues into account and help our life.

We might be able to say, "the executives are to blame for the issues" really? Do you think they have all responsibilities for our life? i don't think so much. WE ave a responsibility for our life. WE have to express our opinion to Gov; otherwise, our life is gonna be deteriorated. Are you really satisfied with Japanese Government?

Our future wouldn't be blight unless we took positive action to gorvernment. I wonder if I could get out of Japan....


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