Beyond the World Vol.2

Monday, September 05, 2005

First vote in my life

Today I went to vote for the General Election in spite of terrible weather, typhoon, unfortunately by motorbike.....Anyway, this was my first vote in my life. I didn't feel nervous at all but was excited to do it because I have dreamed of voting for a long the moment comes here!! I'm so glad and on the same time, I did feel the importance of one vote.

However, I figured out that it was extreamly difficult to choose one party or one candidate. Why? because If I chose one, It means that I agreed all of the policies that the party have adressesd as a manifesto. Deeply considering many issues that Japan has right now, I'm gradually not able to get to decide to choose one of them. In my thought, "I agreed a policy, but I don't think the others are appropriate polcity or opinion..." That is why I can't choose one.

That is, my opinion is this: Not to choose a party or candidate, but we choose policies or opinions that candidates or politcians hold, depending on the issues. Don't you think this way is more likely to show our opinion effectively than now? ;otherwise, current Japanese politics never change and imporove, and we will hold kind of "unsatisfied" feeling against the politics forever.

Regarding the number of people voting: there are many (especially young ) people who are NOT willing to vote in Japan. According to some statistics, the recent number of people who voted for the election is only around 60 %. Some of them say "Oh, I am not interested in the election, sorry." Others say "I don't believe that my one vote would make difference againt current situation."

This is because, I think, the young is now less likely to care about others or many thing happens around them, I mean, social issues. I THINK, people would be happy if they only were happy. Encountering defavorable people, they would never worry about them. Ecountering elderly people in trouble on the street, they might not help and give our hand...

Also, we don't usually think of Japanese politics or the social ou issues with friends in campus or school. It might be difficult to see without subjective ideas, but it is important to THINK and DISCUSS together, and have our own opinion. We are not child anymore. Have you ever argue somthing with your friends? Do you have a solid and clear opinion for some issues? Can you explain your opinion for them?

Once in my class that I used to take, my teacher said, "politician never think of the young unless they vote." yes, this is the very meaning to vote. In order to show our thoght and opinion to politicians and parties, we have suffrage. Why don't you vote? I absolutely vote.

I beleive that something different happens and changeJapanese politics if numerous young people go to elction.