Beyond the World Vol.2

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Why is it so hot and humid in Japan?

Seriously, it is so hot and humid like in the middle of summer, isn't it??? I don't feel like doing anything recently because of this hot weather...I'm begging raining to God (I don't believe it though ) as soon as possible. As we know, there are some areas in Japan where agricultures such as rice are suffering from lack of water.

That is why I think the global warming is badly going forward. I don't think it was not so hot in the summer when I was a child. yes, I am sure...temperature in recent years certainly increasing (click and see the graphs

So what can we do for the global warming and other envioronmental issues? When we see the Japanese Government, Prime Minster lead a policy, no jacket & no tie policy, which, I hope, also encourage Japanese to do that. I think it is not so bad policy, however, I DON'T think that it directly solve the issue. Japanese government has to do something firm, reasonable, and effective such as taxation (I don't think Japan is doing well on how to get it and how to spend it).

Anyaway, I think each of us must do something to prevent the global warming from badly going forward. Furthermore, I really hope that every company do their business, taking many environmental issues into account; otherwise, the earth would be........the result depends on us.

Now I am thinking starting an environmental business with my friend, who is also really interested in these issues. I hope we can succeed doing well on it and help the stop for the global warming.

This planet is not possessed by only selfish human beings but also other creatures. Let's look back our life. We can find lots of waste of "something."

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Where is my motivation....

Recently, I feel I am not motivated to do anything at all. Let's say, today's presentation. Today's presentation was not so good success for me. It was obvious that my speaking skill declined, and became a bad English speaker. That is why I sometimes had to stop tlking and think about what I am going to talk.... This is because I'm not somehow motivated by something really exciting.
However, I can say "No, everything is your fault, you have responsibility on your life. Whether or not your life is full of fun depends on you!" Yes, that's true. I can agree with the idea.
The problem is, I think, I cannot enjoy my classes in the university because I experienced how exciting the Bekka or Ryujun classes are. I think CIE should think about those who are going to study abroad from 2nd semester becasue classes in CIE finish in the end of May. How should we keep these skills that we acquried in thoses classes after they finsihed.
English conversation is not enogh for me....of course I think I can keep the skill but it is not practical in the class, so I need skills for getting along with classes in foreign counties. What can I do? Let's share this problem with those who are going to study abroad and who are in trouble with it.
I think CIE should think about the problem!!

Monday, June 13, 2005


We had a ceremony for people who are going to study abroad on Saturday. It was from 4 p.m., and unfortunately it was rainy humid.
The ceremony was not so interesting because the speech that the President and an executive gave us was so boring and long that I didn't concentrate on the speech. Also, almost teachers sitting on their seat on the stage were sleeping. In a sense, it's amazing!! Even the President was sleeping.......I thought it is not necessary for other japanese teacher who doesn't related to studing abroad to attend if they fell do you think?
Anyway, I took some pics with friends. I noticed that I could meet many good friends through the CIE classes. Some of mine can speak Englsih so well, and some of them are really smart. I was so glad to meet them and to take classes with them.
Unfortunately, although I wanted to take pics with my teacher as well, they were not in ceremony. They seem to be out of Japan. good.
I would like to appreciate to all my friends and teahcers.
Thank you for everything!!

Friday, June 10, 2005

With New Watch, New Shirt, and New Tie

I went to buy a new watch for attending a ceremony for those who are going to study abroad.
Before I start talking about it, I have to tell that I have "problem" when I buy something such as shoes, clothes, or whatever that shows people's poarticular preference and sense. The reason is, I can rarely find my favorite things, so I always have to walk around from shops to another. It makes me bored, but when I find it, I would be so happy and cherish it for a long time.
Anyway, I bought a watch. This is not quite expensive, but I really focus on the design and if it is really fit to me. It was interesing that I have never seen the watch before even if I research many wathches on Internet; it was just "hitomebore" for me. I always feel that buying something is really difficult and troublesome.
I also bought a new suit and tie. I am lokking forward to putting on them and attend the ceremony.
See you guys on Saturday.

when is my arrival date fixed.....

Now, I have to do many troublesome, but quite important preparation for study abroad. However, the problem is, in fact, I don't get any information to carry insurance, to get airline ticket, and to get VISA even now!!!
I thought, "I would be really embarrassed if I can't go to France because of my lnegligence for preparation."
That is why I called an insurance company to ask whe I have to do for my situation, and he answered, "You don't need to haste, please just wait information." Now, I am realieved.
Anyhway, I am looking forward to going to France and experiencing many things....please tell me if you wanna come to France!!